About Us

Healol is a pharmaceutical marketing and distribution company that registers, warehouses, promotes and distributes pharmaceuticals products of well-known selected companies from around the world. Our customers are Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacies. We have a local presence in each of our markets of operation which now include Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia. Our intimate knowledge of the markets we operate in give us the edge in doing what we do best, which is building brands.

Our products are procured from reputable manufacturing companies and cover a broad range of therapeutic areas. Principals are selected on the basis of their conformance to Good Manufacturing Practices as certified by World bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Scheme (PIC/S). Products selected for promotion are first registered with Ministry of Health in the country before being marketed.

Our aim is to be a leading generic pharmaceutical company in the region and to provide the latest high quality generic drugs at affordable prices. The Ministry of Health scrutinizes documents like Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product COPP) as laid down by World Health Organization (WHO) and other documents and permit registration after they are satisfied that products will be efficacious and safe.

As a distributor and marketer of pharmaceutical products, Healol is committed to provide quality services which meet our customer’s and principal’s needs.

Meet the team

Mr. Vijay Kanchan

He is the key person behind Healol Pharmaceuticals, and has spent almost 40 years in the pharmaceuticals business. He has worked in several multinational pharmaceutical companies in which he held positions such as Senior Vice President.

A qualified pharmacist and marketing professional, his experience extends to product registration formalities, imports, purchase and promotion of products, new projects and joint ventures in formulations and bulk drugs. Mr. Kanchan is also the Acting Regional General Manager for Vietnam, Thailand & Myanmar.

Mr. Parbodh Kumar Joshi

The General Manager of Healol based in Malaysia for Healol’s operations in Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei. He has over 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked with reputed multi-nationals like Pfizer before joining Healol in 2001.

His specialized knowledge in the marketing and distribution of Pharmaceutical products have helped Healol to develop leading brands.

Mr. Gladwin Susairaj

He is the General Manager of Healol in Cambodia. He has over 11 years of experience in Cambodia having worked with Healol, Cambodia. He is also responsible for Healol’s operations in Laos PDR.

Mr. Thumkesh Khera

He is Healol’s Country Manager based in Philippines. He has over 16 years of pharmaceutical marketing and business development experience in various regions of the world including Europe, Africa as well as South East Asia. Healol Philippines is now a fast growing company thanks to the combined efforts of Mr. Khera, Mr. Joshi and the rest of the Healol team.

Mr. Abhay Kanchan

Director, Business Development based in Malaysia, has over 6 years of experience in pharmaceutical market access, marketing and business development experience in South East Asia. New business inquiries for all countries may be addressed to at abhaykanchan@healol.com

Madam Kularb Reddy Jonnala

She is the General Manager of Healol Thailand and has over 26 years of experience in the industry. Before joining Healol, she held key positions in multinationals such as Lupin and Otsuka. Her technical as well as business experience in the industry have helped make Healol Thailand extremely successful.